Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Community must invest in infrastructure

By Tighe Fagan

Editor’s note: The following is the fifth in a series of eight guest op-eds from leaders of the Forward Greater Cheyenne initiative. Subsequent pieces will appear here each Tuesday.

The term infrastructure is a rather open-ended concept, depending on context. According to the Market Street Implementation Plan, which serves as the strategic vision for Forward Greater Cheyenne, infrastructure is narrowed to the following: transportation, housing, military and government, and broadband.

A cornerstone of the Forward Greater Cheyenne initiative is to leverage what we now have as regional assets and what we can improve in these four aspects in the years to come.

Greater Cheyenne has been a transportation hub, dating back to 1867 during the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad that passes through Cheyenne, and it will continue to be. Rail, coupled with the intersection of Interstates 25 and 80, make our community a linchpin in the movement of people and goods throughout the United States.

We must continue to capitalize on this unique geographic opportunity. There are currently several projects in flight. Front Range Passenger Rail is one such project. This is an effort to alleviate congestion along I-25 and provide for an alternative to automobile transportation. It would also provide improved access to workforce throughout the region for our businesses. This initiative will also have the added benefit of providing easy access to Denver International Airport.

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