Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Weinstein: Enhancing city’s economic future

By Sam Weinstein

Small businesses are the foundation of our national and regional economies and, in fact, make up about 60 percent of Wyoming’s private sector workforce.

Recognizing this, the Forward Greater Cheyenne initiative sought to assist this effort on a local level with the Cheyenne Center for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (C2E2). The C2E2 will be the catalyst for small-business growth in our community.

The initial research phase, completed by Market Street Services, revealed that Cheyenne’s entrepreneurial support system is underdeveloped. The Cheyenne community has a breadth of knowledge, support and data available to assist entrepreneurs in starting a business, and for small business owners to attain growth. However, this information lacks cohesion, and the goal of our board is to bring all the information to one location – virtual at first, then a physical brick-and-mortar spot in years to come.

Our aggressive four-part strategy, specified by the Forward Greater Cheyenne plan, includes the following pieces:

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