Tuesday, August 28, 2018

WF Chamber of Commerce implementing community strategic plan

By Alex Achten, Reporter


After over a year developing a community strategic plan, the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce is now implementing it in hopes of growing the city's talent pool.

Consultant Market Street Services was hired to help develop the strategy and identified seven areas to focus on.

"At some point, if we don't do something to address these issues, the city will begin to shrink," C.E.O. of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, Henry Florsheim said.

The areas include improving the city's talent partnerships, aging schools, an economic development program, a thriving Sheppard Air Force Base, an entrepreneurial maker hub, a revitalized downtown, and a bicycle-friendly community.

Now the Chamber is developing action teams for each of those areas to make them happen...

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