Monday, August 1, 2016

Economic development consultant says ‘damage is cascading’ in NC

Erik Spanberg
Charlotte Business Journal

Mac Holladay understands economic development in the South and the Southeast as well as anyone. Starting in 1972, Holladay has led recruiting in three states – Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia – after earlier stints with chambers of commerce in Memphis and Charleston.

He founded consultant Market Street Services in 1997 and remains its CEO. The Atlanta-based firm works with cities and regions to foster growth, improve worker training and recruit companies and industries.

Throughout his career, Holladay has competed with and done business in North Carolina, where he returned last week. Holladay was in Chapel Hill to speak at the basic economic development course held at the UNC School of Government.

[. . .]

As part of his presentation, Holladay discussed House Bill 2, the state law passed in March to override a Charlotte ordinance that would have allowed public restroom use in government buildings based on gender identity while also mandating non-discrimination protection for gay and transgender people. Holladay believes HB2 is hurting North Carolina – and likely to cause more damage unless it is significantly changed or repealed.

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