Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Columbus Net Zero Job Growth Addressed with Regional Prosperity Initiative


You’ve probably heard in recent weeks about Columbus having net zero job growth in the past thirty years. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson mentioned this issue in her state of the city address. So what is the city doing about it?

A good work force **is** the focus. In 2015 they entered in a relationship with Columbus State to create a new cyber security program to ensure a highly qualified workforce. When you talk about a thriving Columbus business – TSYS is always a part of the conversation. And like TSYS- city leaders want to focus on the people coming to Columbus. Bill Murphy with the Columbus Chamber says, “While there is a lot of good things going on – we saw opportunities to realign and refocus our energies so we’re firing on all cylinders.”

It’s called the Regional Prosperity Initiative. Chamber and community leaders will work together to find ways to counter the zero net job growth.

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